Andrew Palma - Accessibility Homework

1.1: Text Alternatives - Not implemented
The website does not provide a text alternative for the videos or images on the website. In fact, the videos are not captioned and image alt tags have useless descriptions such as "p1"

1.2: Time based media - Not implemented

The videos liked to from the main page do not have text descriptions. The videos cannot even be started from the keyboard.

1.3: Adaptable - Partial Implementation

The entire website can be scaled to virtually any text size. However, the videos (the main content on terpvision) cannot be presented any other way.

1.4: Distinguishable - Partial Implementation

The text that is on the page is standard black on white text. The page also provides for text and images to be scaled easily. However, there is an image of text on the right hand side (that is not for decoration) that cannot be scaled and has no alt tag.


2.1: Keyboard accessible - Partial Implementation

Not all elements can be reached using the keyboard. The introduction to the website on the right hand side cannot be reached using only the keyboard. After reaching the last video linked from the main page, focus is given to the browser's address bar.

2.2: Enough time - Complete

The videos on the page can be paused and rewound to suit the user's needs. The videos also don't start until the user presses play.

2.3: Seizures - Complete

The page does not contain any flashing content.

2.4: Navigable - Partial Implementation

Although some links provide meaningful context, not all do. The page is titled but does not contain anything other than a name for the page. The keyboard focus is clearly indicated.


3.1: Readable - Not implemented

There is no way to change the language of the website based on the user's local. There is no functionality to define or pronounce words or abbreviations.

3.2: Predictable - Partial Implementation

The interface of each page is similar to the main page. However, there is no clear indication that links will take you from the main page to another. For example, the "magazine" link at the top of each page takes the user to another website that is different from terpvision.

3.3: Input Assistance - Not applicable

Terpvision does not have any content that needs user input.


4.1: Compatible - Partially Implemented

To test this I used Mac OS X's VoiceOver utility. It was able to read all links and images' (often meaningless) alt tags. However, when it was time for the flash videos to gain keyboard focus, VoiceOver skipped over them. The page source was well formatted.