Mir Kamili
ECE homepage
  • Perceivable (partial implementation)
    • Text Alternative: There are more than 30 images on the webpage. With an exception of a few of the images text alternatives have been provided for all. However, these alt tags are more like labels as opposed to being descriptions.
    • Time based Media: Not applicable
    • Adaptable: If CSS is disable the content of the webpage gets scattered all over the screen which results in loss of most of the information.
    • Distinguishable: The text in general is distinguishable however, the links in the page loose consistency. While all are underlined, and react to the hovering of the mouse, some are bold and others aren't. Also text is not resizable.
  • Operable (complete)
    • Keyboard: Navigation from top of the page to the bottom is possible without using a mouse (only tab key was supported however).
    • Enough Time: (not applicable)
    • Seizures: The contains nothing that cause seizures.
    • Navigable: The page is easily navigable.
  • Understandable (partial implementation)
    • Readable: Only supports the default language of the page. In case of the video on the page no alternative for sign language is provided.
    • Predictable: The navigation of the page is pretty straight forward. The context of the page doesn't change upon focus on any particular elements. Similar components like menus are easily identifiable.
    • Input Assistance: There is a search bar on the webpage which would require assistance. The only assistance it provides is a suggestion as to what is being searched. The suggestions are based on the caching of the previous inputs of the user.
  • Robust (partial implementation)
    • Compatible: There were a few places in the source code where the end tags were missing. Also, I found a number of duplicate attributes.