Home Page | Sketch

The Home Page is a simple page designed to allow students to either create an account (so they can find other classmates with similar sport interest) or to sign in to their accounts. The Sign up forum is placed on the left hand side and the sign in button is located on the upper right hand side.

Sign Up Page (part2)

We ask each user to complete this forum so we can gather as much information as possible in order to find them the best fitness buddy match. The student will be directed to this forum after they have completed the sign up forum on the Home Page. I have added the "profile" and "log out" button on the upper right corner to provide the user an exit ( preventing the user from getting trapped).

Sign in Page | Sign In

The Sign in Page is just a simple forum where the student is required to use their Terpmail to log in ( since this service is only available to UMD students).
I have added the "sign up" button on the upper right corner, which directs the user to the home page,
to provide the user an exit ( preventing the user from getting trapped).

Profile Page

The profile page consists of the student's name and image(optional) on the upper left side. The image is followed by the student's bio/info, interests, Available dates (to workout), photos, and contact( other students can message the student in regards to whatever they wish to discuss). There is a message board in the middle where the student can share his/ her daily thoughts. on the upper left corner there is a calender so the student can update the dates he/she is available to participate in any activity. There are three buttons ( for now) which all link to different pages. The Edit button will direct you to the edit page where the student can fill out any forums they have not completed, upload pictures, edit their bio and etc.
The search button will take the students to the advanced search page and after they have filled out the desired fields a list of matches will be available to them. Then they can visit each person's profile and contact the person they are interested in. The Log out button will log the student out and return back to the home page.

Search Page
The search page will allow the students to fill out desired fields and find partners that matches their interests.

Transition Diagram