Ailun's FBF Transition

Ailun's FBF Main Page | Sketch
On the Main Page of Fitness Buddy Finder, it is divided into several sections: create profile, log in, event calendar, and resources links.
Guests can join FBF by signing up with their UMD email, choose username and password (In the pink box on the left side of the page) to
start creating their profile in order to search for buddies to exercise with. Members can log in through the green box in the middle by entering
their UMD email and password. On the right side, it has event calendar to announce the important dates for upcoming events if they are
interested in. Finally on the lower right corner, it has whole bunch of resources links. Users can connect to the UMD Recreation Center page,
facebook, twitter, weather forecast, for exercise, and tips. The design is just for easy and quick access for the users

Ailun's FBF Profile Page
Members can edit their profiles (including upload pictures, writing a brief introductions about themselves, and have their interests displayed),
view their calendars where they have schedules and they can edit their schedules, view comments from others, and they can accept or reject
buddy requests through this page as well. Members can simply click on the tabs on the right side of the box in the middle. On the left hand side,
it shows members' profile pictures (if they wish to upload one), and underneath the picture is a reminder alert members to either buddy request,
scheduled events/activities or comments. In addition, members can always log out by clicking the log out link on the upper right corner.

Ailun's FBF Create Profile Page
Users can create their profiles from filling out the forms. First section they can choose the exercise/sports they enjoy, or even they can choose
other and enter the ones that are not listed (by doing that, our system should send us an alert to decide whether if we should add the new items
to the list). Second section is for users to enter a brief introduction about themselves for others to get to know them better. Third section is for
general info where users can fill out their age, gender, region where they live and some other information that they can share with others.
Fourth section is for users to build their search and this will be saved with their profiles until they build a new one.

Ailun's FBF Search Page
Users have 4 choices of searching method. They can either search by interest, by name, by region or advanced search. The first three methods
are pretty much the same by selecting the choices (they can choose more than one). For advanced search, people can have the combined search
and therefore get the most match result back.

Ailun's FBF Buddy Request Page
The page is basically the reuest queue. On this page, members can view people's profile to decide if they want to accept the request or not.

Ailun's FBF Search Result Page
When users finish selecting people they want to be buddies with, they can send the request but pressing "add" button, or "cancel" to reselect it,
or they can press "add all" to send request to all people that are in the search result.

Ailun's Logout Page
Members can log out from their profile pages. And to make sure they really want to log out, it pops out an alert to reconfirm with them.