Name: Aleksandr Litvak
Nickname: Sasha

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aleksandr.litvak
E-mail: aleksandr.litvak@gmail.com

Good UI

external image KinectHub-Voice.jpg
Here we have the kinect hub, a centrallized location for all features that support the kinect either through voice or motion. I've picked this as an example
of a good interface because of the voice controls that the kinect can support. Its the first kind of system that I am able to manipulate with my voice and not
need to use a remote. Features like ESPN and last.fm fully support voice commands to which between football games or the next track, respectively. I am able to
eat, type on my laptop, or any other activity that requires two hands AND still be able to change what I'am viewing/listening to with a simply voice command. This,
in my opinion, is a fundamental step for future verbal interfaces between computers and people.

Bad UI
This a picture of a Motorola SLVR V7 which I chose as an example of a bad interface because it only has three buttons to interact with the built in interface and
it forces the user to use 10 distinct keys for 26 letters plus all the punctuation marks in the English language. It slows down the speed at which the user can send messages
by not having a full keyboard.