Felix Anderson

(roster name is David Anderson)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/felixda
email: dsa [at] umd [dot] edu

An interface I like:

It's remarkably easy to use. Just clicking a random set of squares is likely to result in a pleasant tune, due to the design of the program. The difference in tone between a square and the one above it is either one full step or a 1.5 step, and the 16 square width creates a repeating binary rhythm.

An interface I don't like:
The front page is incredibly noisy (visually). Screen-wide video pop-up ads sometimes appear. There is commingling of advertisements and content, and the content itself is aggressively vapid. There are a few menu-type items on the page, but it's unclear which one one should use as a primary source of sought information. There is no reason I would use Yahoo over Google or Bing, and my theory that many others feel the same way may account for the fact that they have resorted to making advertisement a higher priority than user-friendliness.