I'm Aisya!

Website http://www.terpconnect.umd.edu/~aisyaziz/

Interface I like


AVS Video Editor. Users can immediately know what to do once users got into the software. (either to select source for the new project or to open the existing project) It, too, has immediately showed the recent projects - which makes it very easy for the users. And I like how the 'functions' (transitions, video effects, texts) are obvious to the eye.

Interface I don't likeMost blog shops. (or so far, all blog shops) I don't like how people use blogs for their online shopping website. First of all, it makes it hard for the buyers to find something they like. And the viewers can only see probably only around 10 items per page. (Most of the time, they would put 10 posts per page and 1 item per post) Besides, from the picture below, when you first got into the page, you can only see one item and there's no menus. Like most blogs, the 'catagories' would be put on the side of the page. Viewers had to scroll down to choose the categories of items they would like to purchase - this is not convenient to viewers.
Anyway, blog is for blogging - well, if the purpose is to review the items, then, I'm fine with it. However, if the purpose is to only put the picture and the price, I'm totally against it.