iTunes/iPod Hall of Fame/Shame


Things We Like:
  • Lets you put music onto your iPod.
  • If you drag-and-drop a file in to the iTunes window, it automatically adds it to the library.
  • Searching is fast.
  • The store is very easy to use.
  • It is very easy to update multiple file properties at once.
  • iTunes can convert formats such as .wma to a file type that works with iTunes.

Things We Don't Like:
  • Syncing iPod with iTunes requires that you have songs checked/unchecked, but if you wan to listen to music using itunes it will skip over the unchecked songs. This creates annoyance because usually if a user has a large enough library then you can only sync some of the songs, but now if you want to listen to music using itunes, you will only hear song that are on your ipod.
  • If you have multiple playlists and a song you want to put into all of them, you have to drag that song into each of the playlists. This feels kind of klunky at times especially if you want to update multiple playlists with multiple songs.
  • Repeat, Shuffle, and new playlist buttons in the bottom left corner seem a bit hidden, and unless you know they're there, might leave the user a little lost. In addition you should beable to right click a playlist, or playlist area and have the option to play it, rename it(you can only rename by double clicking), shuffle/repeat it, etc.
  • Shuffling a playlist just shuffles the songs in the playlist, but still shows you the order that the songs are going to play in. I feel like the shuffle option should have more of a random feel to it.
  • Apple forces you to use iTunes to load songs onto your iPod
  • You can only have your iPod synced up to one computer at a time. This is a huge problem. Here is a problematic situation that happens to me. I have way too much music to keep on my computer at one time. I download music in bits and pieces, add it to the iTunes library, sync it to my iPod, then move the music to a portable harddrive. This works fine. But every once in a while I need to reinstall the operating system on my computer (this happened recently). After reinstalling the operating system, I had to reinstall iTunes. Since iTunes is freshly installed, once connected, my iPod recognizes iTunes as a new library. Now in order to sync my iPod to this new library, I have to reformat my iPod.