Daniel Choi



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Interface I enjoy using:


ESPN's FantasyCast service shows you live football scores for your fantasy football team. One reason I enjoy using it is because it is one of the only major free Fantasy Football services that show its users player stats in real time. Secondly, it provides all relevant information on one screen: Your match-up information is displayed in an intuitive fashion (each corresponding team's players are lined up by position) in the center third of the screen, while actual live game scores are displayed on the left third of the screen. If there was one improvement I would like to see, it would be to view your entire league's current match ups and scores on the right third of the screen, since that space isn't occupied by anything.

Interface I dislike using:


Battle.net 2.0 is Blizzard's new client interface for the PC game, Starcraft II. Overall, the interface is usable, but it could use some improvement. First, although the new interface is visually "prettier" than the former, they sacrificed the snappy performance of the predecessor for appearance. Next, space management of all the buttons and functions degraded compared to the predecessor. As you can see in the picture, there is no way view a chat room without covering some other part of the interface that displays information or a button. Lastly, simple functions like starting a custom game or viewing/changing a setting takes too much time; many settings are buried within menus and sub-menus.