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An interface I enjoy using: Youtube Video Player

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I like this interface for it's conciseness in getting information across to the viewer in an subtle way. It was the playing information on the lower left for pausing playback and adjusting volume levels and the video settings on the lower right. I like that when hovering the mouse over the playback tracker, it displays where at which the video is at playback. I particularly like that the viewer can drag the playback tracker anywhere on the loading bar and the video will begin loading and playing from that point.

An interface I don't enjoy using: Vimeo Video Player

external image vimeo.jpg

The Youtube and Vimeo players have a lot in common. In this design I appreciate the display of the current point in playback when hovering the mouse as well, however I dislike the design for it's lack of the dragging the playback tracker and loading feature. Also I dislike that the design lacks a display of how long the video is in total.