Eric Norris + Kevin Woo - Hall of Fame / Shame

Maison Martin Margiela e-boutique

Home Page -
e-boutique -

  • Home page is completely lacking description, resembles a server index of a folder
  • The e-boutique is devoid of helpful labels to determine where to purchase (see "folders" labeled Woman and Man)
  • My Account section resembles some sort of Windows GUI
  • Clicking on an item brings you to another sort of Windows GUI type form
  • Hovering over items displays a poorly designed context menu, that will shift and attempt to follow the cursor
  • Weird GIF animation on top right, distracting from web page
  • Overall poor color choice

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Home Page -
Interesting CSS for a "sub-reddit" -

  • Home page displays the most popular entries from the popular sub-reddits
  • Content updates frequently
  • Thumbnails allow previews of images and other links before clicking
  • NSFW tags help prevent workplace "accidents"
  • Upvoting / Downvoting content allows users to participate in their community
  • Logging in to the website allows the user to customize their frontpage
  • At first, page seems too minimal, but over time this view changes when "learning" the feel of the website

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