30%: Phase #6: Project Conclusion

This concludes the project. In this final phase, you will make final revisions to your software prototype, make a presentation to the class, and write a report about your project. The teams will be split randomly with half presenting on Monday (Dec 5) and half on Wednesday (Dec 7). To balance the extra two days the Wednesday teams get to prepare their presentation, their report will be due on Monday while the teams presenting on Monday will have until Wednesday to submit their reports.

10%: Updated Prototype

You should improve the software prototype, addressing the key usability problems you discovered in the user test.

10%: Presentation

Each team will have about 10 minutes for their presentation including questions, so you should plan on talking for no more than 7 minutes for your presentation, leaving 2 minutes for questions. You should cover the following points in your presentation:
  1. Name of projects, and team members
  2. Statement of the problem & current competitive solutions
  3. Approach to solution
  4. Demo (or slides of application)
  5. Usability test method
  6. Usability test results
  7. Lessons learned

10%: Report

This should be a standalone report that can be read on its own. You are free to copy and reuse elements from previous phases of the project. Your report should include the following points:
  1. Introduce the problem you are addressing
  2. Credits: describe who did what
  3. Describe who your audience is
  4. Describe competitive solutions and what deficiencies are with those solutions.
  5. Describe your solution.
    1. Give overview of your approach
    2. Present all screens you have designed with commentaries to explain (do screen grabs).
    3. Show transition diagram for screens in your design. It is sufficient to use screen names instead of screen grabs as long as it is unambiguous what screens are being referred to.
    4. Describe the tutorial, help, or any assistance you gave to learners of your system
  6. Describe your usability study including how you ran it, how many participants there were and their demographic characteristics (but don't include personally identifying information!). Summarize the problems you discovered and describe what you changed in your final prototype to address those problems.
  7. Finally, describe open issues you are aware of, and what the next things you would do if you were to continue working on this project.


Link to your updated project, presentation, and report from your project page
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