Jennifer Gorski





Interface I like:


Livenation.com is the website I use to look for concerts and buy tickets. It is very easy to use and is really dedicated to aiding the user. The search option is top center which makes it easy to find and you can search multiple areas: artist, venue, or event. The tabs right below the search are for the same categories and they let you browse if you don't know what you are looking for. I also really like this site because it focuses on your personal settings. You can select your favorite bands and venues and they will keep track of what shows are coming up and recommend shows you may like. On top of these features, it is a clean layout which contributes to the sites simple, easy to use interface.

Interface I dislike:


Elms/Blackboard is one of the most frustrating websites that I have to use. I think that the problem is it is too standardized. On all of the pages, it seems that they have included anything that they could think of that an instructor or student may need. Even though it is in good intentions, it results in a frustrating site to use because their is just too much to filter through to look for that one worksheet you need. Even though this main page has the options to collapse or close some of the sections, when you get into the course page you don't have that option. In most of my classes, the instructor does not even use the majority of the tools or options that are present so there are a lot of empty links. Some of the issues may be the instructors not knowing how to use the site properly, but that still leads back to an interface issue.