HOF For the Iphone Facebook App

  • metaphors for images
    • The choice of Icons really premotes recognition over remembrance and is a real bonus to this interface.
  • simple design
    • The interface only consists of the Icons that one wants and the notifications. Compared to the origiaal facebook page that is conviluted and a bit confusing at times. The design of this interface make it easy to quickly check your facebook on the go.
  • search area ready for input
    • The search area on the IPhone app is already expanded and ready for user input, where as the Android one is hidden under a microscope Icon.
  • logout button easy to find
    • The logout button on the Facebook app is prominent and visible, making it easy for the user to sign out. Compared to the Android one which is not even on the screen. One must click the home button on the phone and then logout.
  • notification right above the area of concern
    • A user can quickly see if they have a new note, or photo, or status update on the IPhone app because the notification is right above the area of interest. Compared to the Android one where the notifications are all located in the bottom panel, and you can not tell which icon it is for until you click.
  • dots at the bottom to indicate more pages available
    • Again this adds to the visibility of the interface and the affordance of those dots because they tell the user there is more info on other screens.
  • promotes recognition over remembering because of the notifications and icons
  • icons make it easier to navigate then facebook for pc
    • You can tell that the interface was made for touch input and it is much easier to navigate, less convoluted then Facebook on the pc.
  • no advertisements
    • The lack of advertisements is another reason why in my opinion the mobile app triumphs over the full website. The user can check exactly what they want to check and logoff.
  • visually appealing
    • The simple design and the large colorful Icons truly make the mobile app visually appealing.
  • Can not see pokes
    • Pokes are the one feature of the fill website that have not been implemented in this version of the mobile app.
  • Not as fast as PC
    • This has more to do with the hardware then the software, but it does become and issue at times.