Hall of Fame / Shame

By: Myco Paulo and Saqib (Mir) Kamili

Website: http://www.8vodesigns.com/

  • Highly artistic
    • To convey the advertising goal of the web designers
  • Thoughtful color contrast
    • The colors they used on text and images are very appealing and easy on the eyes
  • Menu navigates to the same page
    • It makes going from one section to another faster since you don’t have to go from one page to another.

  • Horizontal scrolling is odd
    • Most people aren’t used to web pages that allow you to scroll horizontally
    • It’s inconvenient for users who use their mouse to scroll down the page.
    • On some sections, you have to scroll horizontally to see all the info.
      • If users don’t realize that the website uses horizontal scrolling, they’ll miss a lot of information. (See about)
  • Contact form needs to have a “field required” validation.
    • If you leave all the fields blank, it still sends the message.
  • The image on the home page is distractingLooks weird on wider screens
    • The image moves up if you put your mouse cursor over it.
  • Looks weird on wider screens

Wide Screen

Standard Screen

  • Hall of shame for being so daring.