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Interface I enjoy using: Xbox Dashboard

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This interface is very intuitive and easy to understand.The graphical representations of options through large detailed boxed images/sequences is very useful in navigating the menus. The Top-Down hierarchy of menus and options is easy to navigate and understand. The only problem is the amount of clutter due to advertising and promotions that often blocks view of more useful selections. The advertising also a distraction that user is turned away from.

Interface I don't enjoy using: UDK Unreal Development Kit

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This is a program that is used for 3D game and video development. The interface is extremely confusing and impossible to pick up without personal instruction or numerous tutorials and books. The interface is also constantly changing in layout and functionality as new capabilities and advancements are made to this freeware. The changes are even more confusing as old tutorials and books are unofficially released and never updated to remain relevant. Therefore it is different to begin using and also difficult to keep up with new versions of the UDK.