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Using the latest android interface is really a treat. I think it's a case for customization since it adds a lot to the user experience. For me, the ability to add buttons to applications right on the home screen for everyday functions such as
turning on/off various antennas, google maps, etc. really adds a level of personalization that a manufacturer designing a general use device could not accomplish. With all the good things riding on android, it still has some drawbacks. It takes a lot of horsepower to run the fancy animated backgrounds, sliding pages, and so forth draining battery life faster than desired.


I really dislike using the payroll system used at my work because it's slow, prone to user error, and looks terrible. It's essentially a system to allow employees to enter in hours worked day by day. A fairly simple
task. For one, the system doesn't implement logic to authenticate user entries based on employee type (intern, full-time, part-time, etc), so users are not given any useful feedback regarding their inputs. The
system also doesn't mind opening a popup window to confirm EVERY SINGLE OPERATION !!!!

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