Eric Norris

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I'd upload my own picture if I had one.

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I have a facebook account, but I never use it, so no point in uploading that either.

Email Address:

eric.t.norris AT

One Interface I Enjoy:

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I am a pretty big fan of Microsoft's "Metro" design layout. I think the clean, modernized look and focus on typography brings a more "organized" feel to the user interface. I hope they are able to mesh this well with the traditional user desktop on Windows 8.

One Interface I Do Not Enjoy:

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I feel that LibreOffice, the open alternative to Microsoft Office, could really use an overhaul of its UI. Microsoft had a good start with its ribbons interface for Microsoft Office 2007 and above, but LibreOffice appears to be stuck in 2003. I love the open source community and I am currently typing this on an Ubuntu laptop, but I will admit Microsoft has a huge lead currently in terms of their office products.