Pandora Hall of Fame or Shame?

Also, the Music Genome may have experienced some problems in the interface update: Lynyrd Skynyrd on a Beach Boys station?

Summary of Hall of Fame / Shame Presentation:
  • The share and buy buttons are very convenient; as well as lyrics, info, similar artists etc. Lots of information is provided and it is all easy to read and navigate through.
  • The top of the page makes the controls more accessible, and makes the page look more like downloadable music software and not a website.
  • Perhaps the new station bar should be where the list of stations is presented, but the entire top bar never goes out of view when the page scrolls, making it a great place as well.
  • The very top of the page resembles the control panel system that major websites are adopting, including Google. This is an easy way to access account details, yet the bar is very subtle.
  • The advertisements have become much more prevalent. They're practically full screen and can disable the use of the application if you listen to enough songs or switch stations enough.
  • The colors could be thought of as unattractive, but they do allow the site to be more easily navigated.
  • There is a social aspect to the website, yet it can go nearly unnoticed. It could be a useful tool for some, yet it does not stand in the way of the operation of the bare-bones-application.
  • Overall, Hall of Fame... minus the ads.