Myco Paulo

Interface that I like using:

I like Google, because it's layout is very simple yet powerful. Once you open Google, you can immediately type what you're searching for. It then guesses what you're searching for based on what you and other users have searched in the past. And if you misspell your search query, it guesses what you meant and it's almost always correct. It also has a voice recognition feature where you can say what you're searching for instead of typing it. This page also gives you easy access to your gmail and other google apps that you use like google docs or calendar.

Interface that I don't like using:

The member's section of the t-mobile website is sometimes very annoying to use. Going from one page to another takes at least 5 seconds. Also, there are links that don't go where they're supposed to go. For example, if you want to check how many minutes you have left, there's a link on the member's section's home page that says "Minutes: xxx/1000". Because of the title, you'd think that it'll take you to the page where it lists your call log, but instead it takes you to a different page where you have to click on another link to get to the call log page.