(5%) Phase #1: Term Project Proposal

At this point, you must define your team and the problem you will be working on.

Submit at Term Projects a link to a page (that you create) with the following information:
  • Project title
  • List of team members (3-4 people per team, with email addresses and links to your wiki self-intro pages)
  • One or two paragraphs describing what problem you will attempt to solve. If you are working with a client, then describe that client (you should meet with them and discuss the project BEFORE submitting this proposal).
  • One paragraph describing your target users.

The only requirement of the project is that it has a social element. That is, the system should involve some kind of interaction among users. It is not sufficient that multiple people look at some dataset. Instead, the users should either interact with each other directly, there be some form of user generated content, voting, or reputation, etc.

Here are some possible term projects, but feel free to come up with your own.
  • Restaurant food safety reporting system
  • Crowdsource accessibility of PDFs