Chin Chan

Saqib Kamili


Interface I Dislike

This a snippet from yahoo news . The reason I dislike this page is because of its poor organization and its less intuitive nature. Besides a good deal of space is wasted displaying adds which yahoo doesn't have the need to. Also there is no way for the user to customize or prioritize the news he/she wants to read. Besides yahoo's approach of having nearly half of the page filled with huge pictures takes away users attention and makes it hard for the user to focus on what he/she actually cares about.

On the contrary, google news stays to the point as is explained below.

Interface I Like

Good_UI.jpgThe difference is clear from the very looks of it. The top stories are organized in a nice list on the left, making it easier to find and fast to locate. Also the brief snippets of the news are displayed according to the relevance to the user (assuming the user has put enough time to personalize the page). Even if the page is not personalized, you can see here that it looks extremely neat and useful as compared to yahoo's news