Siwatm Piyasirisilp

About me: I love food




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An interface I enjoy using:


Being the huge Foodie that I am, I had to choose the website that takes up almost 100% of my procrastination time. I love TasteSpotting because it has a simple yet beautiful interface which draws you to each individual food item, while being able to maintain a sense of coherence throughout the page. Off the bat, the designers made a huge choice; only high quality pictures were allowed to be posted. These HD pictures all link to the poster's individual blogs and contain directions on how the food item was made. Overall, this interface manages to be elegant, simple, yet descriptive and educational.

An interface I don't like:


In OSX Lion, the designers thought it was a great idea to change a perfectly easy and functional page, and leave it totally unuseable with no indications about what to do. If anyone has tried getting on umd-secure, this is the page you go on to to add the umd-secure profile. There used to be an add/remove button on this page where you could manually add the profile. In Lion, there is none, the only thing it tells you is that you need to contact your system admin for more information on what to do. After many google searches turned up no working results, I worked with OIT, and on a lucky hunch we figured out that the iPhone security profile would work for Lion (found here Overall, this page is fail.