Mark Stewart


UMD Email: mstewar3

Interface I Enjoy:

Alfred App for Mac. It's somewhat analogous to Spotlight--a search bar you can call up with a keyboard shortcut. It has many more functions, though. I can use it to open or close programs, open or close files with particular programs, open the terminal to the location of a particular file (one of the most time-saving for me), go to bookmarked web pages, search particular web pages for terms (i.e. do a search of for a PHP function, or for a movie). One of the simplest interfaces I've seen, considering its wide range of capabilities.

It's simple, fast, and has a vast range of easily accessible functions. It speeds up almost every operation I use my computer for when I'm doing work. Additionally, it is easy to find particular commands because it displays all similar commands as you start typing part of a command, and because the commands are customizable.


Interface I Dislike:

Google Preview. That web page preview box that pops up in Google search results if you happen to accidentally activate it.

It pops up when you don't want it to, causes your browser to stutter while it loads, and is almost never any more useful than just clicking a link to a page since you can't read anything in such a tiny page representation anyway. Unuseful, obtrusive interface decision. Doesn't speed up any tasks, but slows down some commonly used ones for no good reason.