Student Term Projects

Each team should create a project title, and make a link here to a new page for their team's term project. That page should then have links to a new page for each segment of the project (Proposal, User Needs, etc.)

Teams (alphabetical by project title)

Project ideas w/ contact

Groups that need more people

People that need groups

Ideas for campus move-in day from brainstorming session in class
  1. Identify parking
  2. (for mobile)
  3. where is my room?
  4. electronic queue
    1. finer granularity
    2. rate limit
  5. track carts
  6. electronic key access
  7. specialized weather notification
    1. combine with queue
  8. live cam to show conditions
  9. virtual tour for planning
  10. traffic
    1. people traffic
  11. help system
    1. make it a business / charge for help
  12. room condition reporting
  13. Elevator ground floor notification
    1. don't stop when the elevator is full
  14. Room assignments close to classes
  15. Robot to move heavy stuff
    1. within building
    2. between buildings
  16. Twitter feed per hall
    1. status, busy, carts. Automate this
  17. sync roomates
  18. statistical predictions based on previous data
  19. Let students pre-report ETAs
  20. predict based on existing data
  21. Weather over the year for planning
  22. Ship stuff in advance
  23. Bag drop-off
  24. IM Bot for help
  25. Social network for help
  26. Audio kiosk with directed sound
  27. Radio for phone-challenged
  28. Univ. device handout
  29. Watch my stuff mechanism
  30. Maps that are task fo