Kevin Woo

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If you would like to get in contact with me, please use: kwoo-at+_ umd

Interface I dislike: ELMS

ELMS is very clunky, with lots of items that are completely unnecessary. They should gauge the use of their tools and remove items that are never used. It is also somewhat slow, with frequent downtimes during the semester. There is also no option to view past courses that we've taken, so going back to review past worksheets and lecture slides is impossible unless we had the foresight to download them first. Furthermore, in presenting the forum space for students to ask questions, there's no option for anonymity to protect students from retribution for asking "dumb" questions and the like. There are a range of other problems that I don't like, such as the way they handle file submission for assignments. Better menu labelling would also help. Also more transparency between this web application and the class would be nice. Did you know instructors can see which files and/or links you've visited on your elms account? How is ELMS protecting our grades, id, names, email, and the like from prying eyes?

Interface I like: Notepad++

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Notepad++ is very simple to use, and comes with the ability to easily import syntax highlighting for all kinds of languages. It makes it easier to program on windows machines.