Yifu Ma



Interface I really like: Columns View of Finder
Columns View is one of the view in Mac OS's File Browser (Finder) which allow quick navigation of the file systems. It keep all the navigation in one window so there won't be a lot of open windows. Navigation to upper folder is especially easy since it could be done with left direction arrow key. Additionally all navigation could be done with keyboard only, there is no time wasted switch from keyboard to mouse.

Interface I really hate: Moving files in Finder

Moving files is one of the most basic function on an operation system and in Mac OS there are 2 ways to achieve it, through the terminal verse the mv command or use Finder. Mac OS's finder lack the "Cut and Paste" or "Move to" features that exist on Windows' Explorer and almost all other modern operation systems' file browser, the only way to move files in Finder requires drag and drop, this is really annoying since you have to hold your mouse button while navigate through Finder and when moving the files to a different partition or disk it also requires you to hold the additionally command button.
This could be time consuming since it will take about 1.5 seconds to go down to a sub-folder and if your destination is very deep it could take forever. It is also error prone, if you accidentally release your mouse button, the files will be put in a wrong locations and sometimes it is really hard to locate the misplaced files among all the sub-folders.