Name: William Yu
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email: wzyu umd com

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Possibly the most simple, straight to the point image sharing website. imgur makes it easy to upload photos by allowing a multiple select, drag and drop onto the page. This makes the page act as though it were part of the Windows, and not some external webpage, since drag and drop is well known to all PC users. No registration is required for the quick share. Once you're done uploading, multiple types of embed, direct hotlink, indirect link are displayed for easy sharing. The links auto highlight with a simple mouse over, saving a step before you copy and paste. Posting to social media is also available.

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Paging is a common action that alerts a selected user even if they have their Ventrilo (VOIP server-client) muted. There are no preset hotkeys for paging, and to page requires rightclick -> drop menu -> left click. Additionally a misclick could cause you to mute the person instead, which means you have to go through the menu again to unmute them, and then go through it once more to send the page.