• Text-alternatives (Partial Implementation)
    • The homepage has at least 15 images and I only found one with an alternate text. The alternate text however was not very descriptive of the picture. For example, they used spotlight-pic for the alternate text of the pictures in the “spotlight” section of the page instead of describing the picture.

  • Time based media (Not applicable)
    • No time based media found

  • Adabtable (Complete)
    • I disabled the CSS on the homepage and the structure and organization of the information stayed the same.

  • Distinguishable (Partial Implementation)
    • The page does not display links consistently. The links on the page were either red or blue. Some of them were bolded and some were regular weight.
    • The word announcement was in red and bold, but it wasn’t a link.
    • The text size is resizable

  • Keyboard Accessible (Complete)
    • There were no keyboard traps and the page was accessible using only the keyboard. I was able to navigate from the top of the page to the bottom using only my keyboard.

  • Enough Time (Not applicable)
    • Nothing on the website is timed

  • Seizures (Complete)
    • The website doesn’t have anything that flashes or anything that could cause a seizure

  • Navigable (Complete)
    • Pages have descriptive titles and contain an easy to access navigation bar at the top.
    • There is also a drop down box in the navigation bar that has links to the most popular pages.

  • Readable (Partial implementation)
    • There was no sign language interpretation.
    • The text was easy to read and organized well with correct margins and spacing. There were not a lot of unusual words.

  • Predictable (Complete)
    • The layout and organization of information is consistent. The navigation is at the top and the main content in the middle, so users who use a magnifier won’t have any problems.

  • Input Assistance (Not applicable)
    • I did not find anything on the website that requires user input.

  • Compatible (Not implemented)
    • There were a lot of missing end tags, which could possibly cause an assistive program/software to crash.